Here you can find answers to most of common questions and how to’s. If you couldn’t find an answer please use contact form to contact our support team.

Frequently Asked Question about TouchDown Sim

Q: Start using TouchDown Sim

  1. Carefully punch out the SIM card from the plastic holder and insert it into your unlocked GSM mobile phone as instructed in the phone’s user manual.
  2. Turn on your phone.
    If your phone prompts you to enter a PIN, enter the four-digit PIN code (it is provided on the plastic holder).
  3. Your phone will now have a new number that works in over 190 countries! Let your friends, family and business partners know your new number and start saving up to 85% on international roaming charges!

Q: How do I reach TouchDown Sim customer support?

A: Call us: +372 6868 000 Write us: info@touchdown.com.my

The first 3 minutes of the call from TouchDown Sim are free of charge! Starting from the 4th minute the rate of outgoing call in the host country is applied.

Q: How to Subscribe Touchdown Internet Package


USSD-commands to manage the service:
*146*941* Package code# – package activation.

You can choose a new package anytime, even if package validity period still didn’t end. After all data in your package is used, internet speed will slow down, and you will be able to use unlimited chat option.
At any time you can use “Add More Data Option” if you wish to have more traffic in your package, or you can activate another package via USSD command. If traffic in your package is finished, you will be switched to Per MB option automatically.
If package period ended up, internet will be shut off and you you will receive SMS message with instruction on how to visit landing page and choose a new option.

In order to use “More Data” option users can use following USSD Commands
*146*950# – cancel “More Data” option with no money back;
*146*951*1# – buy “More Data” option;
*146*952# – check “More Data” option status.
In order to to manage “Pay As You Go” option users can use following commands:
*146*961# – service activation;
*146*960# – service deactivation;
*146*962# – status of the service.

Data packages are available in 70 countries and are charged in 100 KB increments. In other countries, only “Pay As You Go” option is available.

Pricing structure:
In some countries that are included in Data passes data pricing structure is altered. This is because we cannot guarantee the same pricing structure everywhere.
In countries of Zone 2 for each megabyte of data used, 2 megabytes will be deducted from the remaining data balance. For example, if you use 10MB of data, your balance will be deducted by 20MB. List of these countries is available in our “Terms and Conditions” on the landing page and below.
In case of choosing “More Data” option, this rule is not applicable.
Zone 1 Countries: Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Vatican City.
Zone 2 Countries: Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Chile, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, USA
How to choose a package
You can choose a package either using USSD command provided above, or using so-called “Landing Page”, following few easy steps:
After you insert TouchDown Sim in your phone, you have to go to phone settings and set up APN: apn. If your phone supports automatic setting of APN, you can skip this step.

Make sure you have all applications closed and switch On Data roaming.

Use USSD command *146*941* Package code# to activate necessary package or open a browser on your smartphone or tablet PC and enter any webpage address, e.g. www.touchdown.com.my

In case if you used USSD command, you will get a text message confirming your package selection, and you can start surfing internet in 1-2 minutes after receiving such message. If you tried to open a webpage, system will automatically redirect you to the “Landing Page”, which is free to navigate in.

If “Landing Page” doesn’t open automatically, try to go to your phone settings first and select “Clear history and website data” or “Empty Cash”. Please note that in this case records of your previously browsed websites or saved passwords might be removed from your phone memory. Alternatively try to type in your browser http://touchdown.data in order to access “Landing page” automatically.

When “Landing Page” opens, choose desired data package and wait 1-2 minutes until package is being activated.

You can now use internet!

Q: Why is TouchDown Sim so cheap?

A: TouchDown Sim is a seamless callback service. You dial an international number from your phone as usual. TouchDown Sim picks up your call, connects it to the number you dialed and calls you back, connecting the two ends of the line. This ensures that the call travels exclusively through our partner networks, generating up to 85% savings AND ensuring superior sound quality to boot, no matter where you are. Simple.

Q: Check my balance

  1. Dial 099 (or *146*099#) and press call.
  2. Your balance will be displayed on the screen. It will also be shown every time you make a call.

Q: How long does my credit last?

A: TouchDown Sim does not ‘age’. There are no maintenance fees and as long as you use the TouchDown Sim card at least once every two years, all your money will still be there.

Q: Will TouchDown Sim work with my handset?

A: TouchDown Sim is designed to work with all mobile phone handsets. Very few mobile phones will not work with TouchDown Sim at all.

  1. Locked phones
    TouchDown Sim works only in unlocked mobile phones. When you insert your TouchDown Sim in locked phone, you may see a message like this:
    “Restricted SIM”, “Insert correct SIM”, “SIM registration failed”. Please contact your handset provider to have the phone unlocked.
  2. Some  Samsung, LG, Blackberry and iPhone users might need to take the following steps:
    1. Find TouchDown Sim menu in your phone menu (Main Menu on  Blackberry, General – Phone – SIM Applications on iPhone) and choose “Settings”
    2. Press “YES” or “OK”
    3. Input “1101” and choose “OK” (there should be a message on the screen that says “CC OptionX: ON”).
    4. Go ahead and make calls as usual. To turn this option OFF, enter 1102.
  3. A small number of handsets or older style phones (5 years +) may require a different dialling method  when making calls with TouchDown Sim.
    Try to dial in the following mode: *146* 00 country code, telephone number #. Press call.

Q: How do rates work?

A: The calling rates depend only on the country of your stay. E.g. if you stay in China, you pay nothing for incoming calls and flat per minute rate for all outgoing calls. It does not matter where you call: to China, or your home country, or anywhere else in the world.

However, there are a few destinations with additional rates. If you call from anywhere to one of these places, there is an extra rate addition to an outbound call price.

There’s special rate of $0.19 for outgoing calls to TouchDown Sim numbers and to voicemail in the countries with free incoming calls. E.g. if you stay in Norway (where incoming calls are free), you call a friend’s TouchDown Sim or your voicemail for just $0.19. Even if your friend is in a country with charged incoming calls.

A text message costs $0.11 within the EU and otherwise mostly $0.35. Incoming text messages in all countries are free of charge.

You can download all rates in Rates section. The prices are continuously falling, which means that you will be able to talk longer in the future for the same money.

Q: Configure MMS settings

A: When you use TouchDown Sim for the first time, you will also automatically receive configuration settings for multimedia messages. To change settings manually, refer to your handset instructions and change the following:

Q: Configure data settings?

A: When you use TouchDown Sim for the first time, you will automatically receive configuration settings. To change settings manually, refer to your handset instructions and change the following:

  • Access point name (apn) > send.ee
  • User name > enter your TouchDown Sim number, eg. 37212341234
  • Password > leave field blank.

Q: How do I call to TouchDown Sim for free from Skype?

A: Contact TouchDown Sim Support to activate this feature for your TouchDown Sim! Then your friends and business partners can reach your U&T TravelSim number for free from Skype.

Skype users can call TouchDown Sim numbers by dialing +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is a U&T TravelSim number (without 372). The call is free for Skype users. The cost of an incoming Skype call for TouchDown Sim users is the incoming call rate in the host country plus $0.19 per minute.

Q: How do I send and receive text messages?

A: Do what you normally do.

Q: How does someone call me on my TouchDown Sim?

A: To call your TouchDown Sim, one should dial  + or 00 and your U&T TravelSim number 372  XXXXXXXX. Your U&T TravelSim number is written on the plastic holder of the SIM card.
eg. 00372 51234567

The TouchDown Sim service is provided from Estonia. This is why all TouchDown Sim numbers have +372 country code. When someone is calling a TouchDown Sim number, the call is charged like a call to an Estonian mobile (rates vary according to service provider).

Q: How do I use my stored contacts?

A: To use the numbers in your phone’s memory ensure that you save the numbers with the international prefixes included.
eg. +44 20 1234 1234
eg. +1 212 234 1234

Q: How do I make a call?

  1. Dial ‘00’ or ‘+’ followed by the country code and telephone number. Press call.
    eg. +44 20 1234 1234
    eg. 0044 20 1234 1234
  2. In a few seconds your telephone will ring. Answer as you normally would.
  3. You will hear a dial tone, as TouchDown Sim connects your call.

Q: How do I use TouchDown Sim with Blackberry?

A: TouchDown Sim is compatible with Blackberry devices. You can make and receive calls as well as receive and send SMS messages.

You can also access the Internet, if you install a third party web browser, e. g. Opera or Bolt. Then enter TouchDown Sim GPRS settings in your Blackberry by selecting Menu – Options – Advanced Options – TCP IP.
TouchDown Sim does not support Blackberry Data Service and hence you cannot send and receive emails or use Blackberry Messenger.

Q: Accessing Sim Menu

A: Select the TouchDown Sim menu and immediately access the following options:

  • Address book
  • Call
  • Send TravelSMS
  • Voicemail
  • Check balance
  • Add airtime
  • Customer care
  • Settings

Q: How do I use voicemail?

A: TouchDown Sim offers a voice mail service that handles incoming calls when the user is unavailable or busy.

How to activate voicemail

  • Dial 091 (or *146*091#) and press call.
  • You will see on the screen “Voice mail activated”, the incoming calls will be redirected to your voicemail in case you cannot answer the phone.

How to deactivate voicemail

  • Dial 090 (or *146*090#) and press call button.
  • You will see on the screen “Voice mail deactivated”.

How to check the number of voicemail messages

  • Dial 094 (or *146*094#) and press call.
  • You will see on the screen “You have X new messages in your voice mailbox”.

How to listen to your voicemail messages

  • Dial 095 (or *146*095#) and press call. You’ll see “Wait for call” and in a few seconds your phone will ring.
  • Answer as you normally would and you’ll hear how many messages you have. Press 1 to listen to the messages.

Q: How do I redirect calls?

A: During the time between the trips, you can redirect calls coming to your TouchDown Sim number to any international number. There is no additional cost for redirection to numbers in over 120 countries.

To activate call redirection

  • with TouchDown Sim in your handset, dial *146*081*00-country code-phone number#, e.g. *146*081*0044123456789#
  • you can now switch the phone off, all incoming calls will be redirected to the specified number.
  • Call redirection works even if the phone with SIM card is switched off.

To disable call redirection

  • with TouchDown Sim in your handset, dial *146*080#.

Q: How do I use Call-Waiting?

A: Call-Waiting can be enabled or disabled in the menu of your handset, please refer to the phone’s manual.

When the call-waiting feature is activated, the active call can be placed on hold while another incoming call can be picked up. After finishing the conversation the user can return to the first call. Moreover, it is possible to place the active call on hold, dial another number and after talking come back to the first call. Please note that if the feature is active and the user places the call on hold, both calls will be billed: the one that is active and the one that is placed on hold.