Skype to TouchDown Sim

TouchDown Sim and Skype have forged a unique partnership in order to provide free calls from Skype to TouchDown Sim numbers.

To activate this feature for your TouchDown Sim, dial *146*711#
To deactivate dial *146*710#
To check the status dial *146*712#

When the feature is activated, Skype users can call your TouchDown Sim number for free using special dialing format +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is a TouchDown Sim number without the prefix 372.

The call is free for the Skype user. The cost of an incoming Skype call for TouchDown Sim users is the incoming call rate in the host country plus $0.19 per minute. In case the TouchDown Sim user is in a country with free incoming calls, the cost will be just $0.19 per minute.

E.g. to call +37253204388 for free from Skype, you should dial +37280053204388. For the Skype user the call is free. If the TouchDown Sim user is in Italy (free incoming calls) and accepts the Skype call, he pays just $0.19 per minute.

Important notices

  • The incoming call from Skype usually comes from the number +372800, however there is a slight possibility of other numbers.
  • When dialing on the Skype Dial Pad: if the user chooses the Estonian country code, he should dial 800XXXXXXXX because +372 is added automatically.
  • If the user dials on the Skype Dial Pad without 800 (e.g. +37253204388), he will pay with Skype credit for a call to an Estonian mobile number. The TouchDown Sim user is charged only for the incoming call (in case the TouchDown Sim user is in country with free incoming calls, the call is free for him). In this case no activation is required for TouchDown Sim.
  • If free calls to TouchDown Sim from Skype are not activated for a particular TouchDown Sim, when the Skype user dials 372800XXXXXXXX he will hear an automatic message: “The mobile phone is either switched off or out of the coverage area.”

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