• Save up to 85% on roaming charges with our global prepaid roaming Sim card.
  • Free incoming calls in more than 135 countries.
  • Free incoming texts worldwide.
  • Affordable Data roaming, makes owning a phone smart again!
  • Our Prepaid Sim card gives you complete control of voice and data costs when you travel.
  • The TouchDown Sim comes equipped with a full suite of services. Along with excellent voice quality and SMS messaging, features like conference calling, voice-mail, Geo-positioning can be used abroad at a reasonable cost.

How does it work?

  • The TouchDown Sim is a global prepaid GSM sim card made for use around the world, for calls and data transmission via both land-line and mobile communication channels in over 190 countries.
  • The TouchDown Sim is a callback service. Users dial an international number from their phone as usual. TouchDown Sim picks up the call, routes it to the number dialed and calls back connecting the two ends of the line. Call back is virtually seamless and users quickly get used to it.
  • This ensures that the call travels exclusively through our partner networks generating up to 85% savings on calls. It also ensures superior sound quality to boot, no matter where the callers are.
  • The TouchDown Sim provides an easy answer to the “How to call cheaply from abroad” question. Simply insert the Sim card into an unlocked GSM phone and call away!